Who We Are

Individuals working together for the good of our customers, our bank and one another.

We are...

Experienced and dedicated banking professionals who understand the nuances of business. The entrepreneurial spirit that our bank was founded on lives on today in our bank leadership team. As business owners and investors, we understand the impact that businesses have on the economic health of our communities. We recognize that our success is built on the success of our customers and our investment in bankers, training, products and technology reflects our commitment to assist you in achieving your financial goals and dreams.

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Executive Team

  • Edward Francis

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President

  • Dennis Santistevan

    Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

  • David M. Brown

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Jeff Huckabee

    Chief Information Officer

Bank Leadership Team

  • Art Sankey

    Senior Commercial Group Leader

  • Brett Haigler

    Senior Commercial Group Leader

  • Brian Kreps

    Senior Commercial Group Leader

  • Davis Butler

    Senior Commercial Group Leader

  • Deb Graf

    Loan Officer & Commercial Banker

  • Eric Barnett

    Senior Commercial Group Leader

  • Joseph DeGarbo

    Southern Region President

  • Kevin Mutz

    Angel Fire Market President

  • Molly E. Kufeldt

    Commercial Banker

  • Robert Jones

    Raton Market President

  • Shirley Hooper

    Cimarron & Red River Market President

  • Stephen Sahli

    Senior Vice President, Treasury Management

  • Suzanne Baze

    Springer Market President

Board of Directors

  • Dave Rainer

    Board of Directors

  • Don Bechter

    Board of Directors

  • Eric Donnelly

    Board of Directors

  • Lisa Narrell-Mead

    Board of Directors

  • Richard Trice

    Board of Directors

  • Robert Graf

    Board of Directors

  • Scott Reed

    Board of Directors

  • Stan Viner

    Board of Directors

  • Travis Conway

    Board of Directors

  • Wil Armstrong

    Board of Directors