Who We Are

We Are...

Experienced and dedicated banking professionals who understand the nuances of business. As owners and investors in the bank, our leadership team understands what makes business owners tick and values the economic impact they have on our communities.

We recognize that our success is built on your success. Our investment in our bankers, technology, training and personalized services with a sharp focus on execution reflects our commitment to you. We’re In This Together.

Core Values

To reinvent your banking experience and create an inviting environment that is honest and authentic, we have pledged to live the following core values.

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    Each of us is committed to give our all. We engage our head, hands, and heart, and we believe that adding grit and hard work to talent results in success.

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    We cultivate innovation. We offer technology, product solutions, and individualized advisory services that are distinct from our peers’ to make our customers’ lives easier.

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    We empower our bankers to take responsibility for doing the right thing - always. We promote personal integrity and stress accountability.

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    We put teamwork above self. We work with humility for the good of customers, community, and associates.

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    We strive to maintain a workplace where happiness thrives. Smiles are contagious, and we inspire a positive atmosphere where customers will enjoy their banking experience.

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    We are committed to transparency and authenticity. While being respectful, we speak directly and recognize that differing opinions breed the best outcome.

Executive Team

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  • Edward Francis

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President

  • Dan Patten

    Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  • David M. Brown

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Jeff Huckabee

    Chief Information Officer

  • Lois Romero

    Executive Vice President, Southern Region President

  • Brian Kreps

    Executive Vice President, Denver Metro Region President

Bank Leadership Team

  • Adrianne Tracy

    Senior Vice President, Boulder Market President

  • Andrew Sauer

    Senior Vice President, Treasury Management

  • Art Sankey

    Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Executive

  • Brett Haigler

    Senior Vice President, Senior Commercial Banker

  • Cheryl Spirek

    Vice President, Commercial Banker

  • Chris McShane

    Senior Vice President, Private Banker

  • Eric Barnett

    Senior Vice President, Senior Commercial Banker

  • Jamie Winkler

    Vice President, Treasury Management

  • Kevin Mutz

    Vice President, Angel Fire Market President

  • Keith Smith

    Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking Executive

  • Mandy Jesser

    Director of Human Capital

  • Molly E. Kufeldt

    Senior Vice President, Commercial Group Leader

  • Robert Jones

    Senior Vice President, New Mexico Market President

  • Robert Meneses

    Vice President, CRE Lender

  • Stephanie Miller

    Vice President, Private Banking

  • Stephen Sahli

    Senior Vice President, Treasury Management

  • Tom Francis

    Senior Vice President, SBA & Commercial Banker

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Board of Directors

  • Don Bechter

    Board of Directors

  • Eric Donnelly

    Board of Directors

  • Kevin Ahern

    Board of Directors

  • Lisa Narrell-Mead

    Board of Directors

  • Mary-Margaret Henke

    Board of Director

  • Richard Trice

    Board of Directors

  • Scott Reed

    Board of Directors

  • Stan Viner

    Board of Directors

  • Travis Conway

    Board of Directors

  • Wil Armstrong

    Board of Directors

We're In This Together

Committed to strengthening local communities and providing a foundation of support for our customers. Building relationships for today and tomorrow.

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