New ePayables Platform Addresses Common Business Banking Challenges

Big banks have invested heavily in commercial credit card technology in recent years, yet most community banks struggle with bringing this technology in-house and continue to outsource commercial card offerings to mitigate risk.

ePayables is just one part of many banks’ commercial card service offering. It replaces a portion of a company’s check payments by extracting a payment file from a company’s accounting software/ERP. The file is then uploaded via a web portal and payments are sent out in the form of an email remittance containing single-use credit card accounts. InBank’s ePayables system, InPayables, is free for business banking customers and customers receive cash back each month directly into their bank account for the volume that’s sent through the InPayables system.

“The benefits of being a card issuer are significant and we’re charging forward to offer our clients the technology, pricing and expertise of a big bank, but with the unique service level of a community bank,” says Brad Gershon, Vice President, Treasury Management and Card Services at InBank.  “We have enough experience on board with these products to understand how to mitigate the risk and capitalize on the ability to customize programs to meet our customer’s needs. The initial response we’ve received from our clients about this product has been extremely positive and many of them are lining up to be implemented. Traditionally this type of product has only been offered by big banks to middle market companies and large corporations.”



Here are a few of the challenges InPayables is solving.

  1. Challenge: Accounts Payable spends countless hours calling vendors one by one to pay by phone with a credit card.

Solution: All invoices can be paid via one payment file upload.


  1. Challenge: CFO spends hours each week signing checks.

Solution: One click approves an entire file of payments.


  1. Challenge: Check fraud.

Solution: Each InPayables credit card payment is sent to the vendor via email in the form of a single-use card. That credit card number can only be used one time for the amount set by the client.


  1. Challenge: Vendors receive very little detail when they are paid via ACH.

Solution: InPayables payments are sent with a remittance that provides detail on the transaction/invoice number.


  1. Challenge: Arrival of checks is unpredictable and can cause cash flow issues for the vendor.

Solution: Single-use credit card payments are received by the vendor within 30 minutes of the client submitting the file and can be available in the vendor’s bank account the next day.

Stephen Sahli is Senior Vice President, Treasury Management, at InBank. He is an experienced treasury management executive, responsible for developing a best-in-class treasury management platform and onboarding experience for InBank’s business clients. Reach Stephen at InBank is a Member FDIC.


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