We are excited to be uniting Legacy Bank with InBank. Combining our institutions will result in a stronger organization, increasing the potential for strategic community investment and growth opportunities for our businesses and consumers. Please be assured that our goal is to complete a smooth transition with frequent communication along the way. We believe that we are better together and that our combined organization will benefit our customers, communities and associates tremendously!

Is there anything I need to do?

No. It’s business as usual now and for several months ahead. You will continue to receive the same personal attention, the same commitment to service and our same involvement in our local communities. In addition, when our two entities are merged, our capacity to serve you will also increase.

Why is InBank merging with Legacy Bank?

— Our vision is to be a stronger community bank in Colorado and New Mexico.

— Our two organizations share a very similar mission, vision and purpose, demonstrated by a long history of genuine commitment to our customers and our local communities. It means even greater strength, greater capacity, greater stability, and greater convenience.

— Similar culture and values.

— Tremendous opportunity for our customers, communities and associates.

— Commitment to maintain our involvement in our local communities.

How do we know the conversion will go smoothly?

As a valued customer of InBank, we know that you are accustomed to service beyond expectations. We promise that this level of service will not only be met but will be exceeded.

Both banks are local and deeply connected to the needs and goals of the communities we serve. We share common cultures and operate with a very similar philosophy of high-touch service.

How will my account(s) be impacted?

There will be no changes to your account(s) and no expectation for significant changes when InBank converts the Legacy Bank customers to the InBank platforms. Should anything change, you and your banker will be kept well informed.

Can I continue to use my existing checks, debit card, and/or ATM card?

Yes, please continue to use your existing checks, debit and ATM cards.

Will the bank’s name change?

Legacy Bank will adopt the InBank name over time. Our objective is to combine the best of both organizations, honor our past and embrace the future.

Will my account or loan number change?

Your account numbers will remain the same. In the unlikely event a change is needed, you will be notified well in advance and we will handle all of the details.

Will my direct deposits, automated payments, and transfers continue to be connected to my account?

Yes. All these services will continue without interruption at this time. If you need to make changes, please contact your banker.

How about my safe deposit box?

There will be no change to your safe deposit service.

Will my deposits still be FDIC-insured?

Yes. Your deposit accounts will continue to be insured by the FDIC. The standard FDIC insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each ownership category.

What online banking changes should I expect?

You will continue to have access to the same online banking platform and information you have today. Later in 2022, we will integrate Legacy Bank customers to InBank technology, and you will continue to access all accounts, make transfers between accounts, pay bills electronically and view check images as you do today.

Will any branches be closed after the merger?

Locations are a critical part of our success, today and in the future. Management from both banks will take into consideration many factors that allow for us to best service our customers including physical locations and technology.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please contact your banker or other team members at InBank with any questions. We will continue to communicate with you directly and provide ongoing updates as our integration with Legacy Bank progresses. As always, we thank you for your business and the opportunity to serve you.