Frequently Asked Questions

We are very excited about uniting Legacy Bank with InBank! Our teams are working hard behind the scenes to make this a seamless transition for you. We are currently working on combining operating systems and planning for an official name change from Legacy Bank to InBank in late July. Below, we have provided some answers to questions you may have about the transition. As always, your banker is standing by to assist and we will continue to provide updates throughout the process to keep you informed!

How will the merger between Legacy Bank and InBank affect me?


As a Legacy Bank customer, you will benefit from a wider collection of products and services after the merger is complete and will be served by the same local bankers at your branch. You will continue to receive the same personal attention, the same strong support to our local communities and the same volunteerism from our employees. Today, it is business as usual until our full system conversion planned for late July. You will receive information in advance of the systems and technology conversion and any changes that may affect your account(s). And we’ll be with you every step of the way!

Why is Legacy Bank merging with InBank?


• Our two organizations share a very similar mission, vision and purpose, demonstrated by a long history of genuine commitment to our customers and our local communities.
• The merger will provide improved product and service offerings, greater capacity, and greater convenience for our customers.
• InBank shares our commitment to significant involvement in our local communities.

Will the bank’s name change?


Yes. Over the next few months, you will see a roll out of the brand transition as Legacy Bank adopts the InBank name. There will be a carefully planned brand transition period between “legal” close and “transitional close”. While the Legacy Bank name will change over time to InBank, you can expect the same people and same local service you have come to expect from our team.

What is “legal” close?


Legal close refers to the official date that the merger has received approval by federal and state bank regulators and the Legacy Bank shareholders. At this time, Legacy Bank will begin doing business as Legacy Bank a Division of InBank, until transitional close when our full system conversion takes place.

What is “transitional” close?


Transitional close is when the system conversion has been completed and Legacy Bank will transition to the InBank name. At this point, customers will be able to take advantage of all combined products, services, and cross-bank at any location.

Why am I seeing different logos on communication materials?


During the time between legal close and transitional close, you will begin to see a shared logo featuring both the Legacy Bank brand and the InBank brand on communication pieces and in your communities. You may also see a logo that reflects Legacy Bank a Division of InBank that will be used prior to transitional close or conversion.

How will my account(s) be impacted?


There will be no changes to your account(s) until the system transition takes place later in 2022. Until then, Legacy Bank’s existing account agreements and all other contracts will continue to govern your account(s), and you can continue to bank as usual using your Legacy Bank debit card, checks and deposit slips, website, and online banking. You should also continue to make any loan payments as usual. We will notify you in writing well in advance about any changes to your account(s) and services due to conversion. We are focused on ensuring a smooth transition.

Can I continue to use my existing checks, debit card, and/or ATM card?


Yes, please continue to use your existing checks, debit and ATM cards.

Will my account or loan number change?


For now, your account numbers will remain the same. In the unlikely event a change is needed, you will be notified well in advance and we will handle all of the details.

Will my direct deposits, automated payments, and transfers continue to be connected to my account?


Yes. All these services will continue without interruption at this time. If you need to make changes, please contact your banker.

What online banking changes should I expect?


You will continue to have access to the same online banking pages and information you have today. Later in 2022, you will view a different online banking screen, but continue to access complete account information, make transfers between accounts, pay bills electronically and view check images.

What changes to products and services can I expect?


InBank and Legacy Bank teams are working closely together to determine best products and services moving forward. The team expects to adopt the best practices from both entities to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Debit cards, online, and mobile banking will be converted automatically for you and we will provide additional updates throughout the conversion process.

When will I be able to bank at InBank locations?


Cross-banking at all 17 locations will be available when all systems have been successfully converted.

Who should I contact with additional questions?


You can call the same people you call today with any questions. The phone numbers will remain the same, so feel free to contact your Legacy Bank branch or Relationship Manager. They will be available to answer any questions you may have.