About Andrew

Andrew manages the community banking portfolio of InBank. He has long been a community banking advocate and he is an activist for economic growth and development acting as a resource within the financing industry to help businesses thrive. Andrew is responsible for initiating the bank’s extensive support of community institutions and activities. Under Andrew’s lead, the bank’s economic impact measured more than $18 million dollars including the value of 4,800 employee volunteer hours and the result of $1 million in non-profit financial support within the bank’s operating footprint.

Andrew graduated from the University of Colorado Graduate School of Banking and is a proud alumni of Colorado State University Pueblo.

Outside of the Office

Andrew is an avid golfer, family man, and essential leader in his local church.

My Favorite Core Value


In everything we do, we should do it with a grateful heart and a devoted effort. It is in the hard work of striving for daily success that we achieve the goals we set for ourselves, our families, and our communities.