Credit Cards and InPayables

InBusiness Credit Card


InBusiness Credit Card

For companies looking for more control and functionality than just a traditional commercial credit card.

  • Online administration integrated into InBank’s Business Online Banking platform >

    • View, pay and download cardholder activity
    • Set and adjust cardholder spending limits
    • Control where cardholders can use their cards
    • Issue and close cards
    • Generate and download a variety of reports to integrate into your expense management platform

  • Security and Service >

    • EMV chip card security provides the latest in fraud prevention technology
    • Each InBusiness Credit Card receives $100,000 in protection against employee misuse* This feature is part of the Visa Liability Waiver Benefits
    • Since the InBusiness Credit Card is an in-house platform, the Business Concierge Team is able to support any questions/inquiries. InBank also offers a 24/7 support number for cardholders


Help streamline your payables process with an automated solution that gives you all of the protection of the Visa® network. Work with the InBank team to convert as many vendor payments as possible to credit card. Using an automated file upload, InBank processes your vendor payments by assigning a unique, virtual card number to each payment. Your vendors receive instructions and remittance details via email, and you are able to reconcile payments to invoices once transactions process.

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