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When International Bank’s owners were ready to move on to new adventures, we — a team of experienced community bank executives with deep ties to New Mexico and Colorado — decided to take on the challenge of renewal and innovation. So, we purchased the bank and made a serious commitment to the customers and communities we would serve. After all, our story began over a century ago, and it’s now our privilege and responsibility to write the next chapter and make it exceptional for you.

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Celebrating the Past

In 1918, Joe DiLisio, a prominent Italian immigrant and successful entrepreneur who owned and operated a string of successful stores and saloons in Raton, New Mexico, founded International Bank to serve his local community.

Over the years and as the regional economy grew, International Bank grew as well and opened a total of seven locations in New Mexico and Colorado.

Looking Forward...

This year, as International Bank celebrates 100 years of service, it does so with a nod to its history of Classic Banking and a total regeneration of the banking experience.

At International Bank personalized banking continues to be priority #1, where customers are empowered to realize their dreams. Striving to accommodate customers in a way that best serves their individual needs and lifestyle, our products will be innovative and offer responsive delivery options that range from consumer mobile banking to friendly lobby services. We plan to invest millions of dollars in technology and people to reinvent your banking experience in 2019.

Each member of the management team has invested considerable time and personal financial resources into the regeneration of International Bank. We have all pledged to live out the Core Values that we've adopted.

Core Values

To reinvent your banking experience and create an inviting environment that is honest and authentic, we have pledged to live the following core values.

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    Each of us is committed to give our all. We engage our head, hands, and heart, and we believe that adding grit and hard work to talent results in success.

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    We cultivate innovation. We offer technology, product solutions, and individualized advisory services that are distinct from our peers’ to make our customers’ lives easier.

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    We empower our bankers to take responsibility for doing the right thing - always. We promote personal integrity and stress accountability.

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    We put teamwork above self. We work with humility for the good of customers, community, and associates.

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    We strive to maintain a workplace where happiness thrives. Smiles are contagious, and we inspire a positive atmosphere where customers will enjoy their banking experience.

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    We are committed to transparency and authenticity. While being respectful, we speak directly and recognize that differing opinions breed the best outcome.

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This is just the beginning of our journey until we launch our new website by the end of summer. In the meantime, the bank's original site will continue to be available, and we urge you to contact us with any questions or comments.

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